Ottawa Book Launch


Carleton University’s School of Journalism & Communication and the ALiGN Media Lab will be co-hosting a book launch for my second book, Punching and Kicking, on Friday Nov 30th @2:30pm. If you’d like to attend, register here!

To read an interview I did with Carleton’s School of Journalism and Communication, click here.


Public Perceptions About Welfare ‘fraud’ are… well… Fraudulent


One of the most persistent myths about people living with poverty in Canada is that welfare fraud is a common occurrence among those receiving social assistance. This popular misconception about welfare recipients endures despite the fact that solid research has demonstrated time and time again that credible estimates of the rate of welfare fraud place it, in Ontario for example, at less than 1%.

I recently presented a research paper, “Welfare Fraud 2.0? Using Big Data to Surveil, Stigmatize and Criminalize the Poor,” at an international academic conference organized by Carleton and Sheffield Universities.

It was incredibly rewarding to be at a conference that focused on so many of my own research interests surrounding surveillance and governance of those living with poverty.

Here’s a link to some of the conference presentations, including my own, which is the first 17 minutes:

“With A Closed Fist” Chosen By Ontario Book Clubs!


The Niagara Falls Public Library book clubs selection committee has chosen Kathy’s book, With a Closed Fist: Growing up in Canada’s Toughest Neighbourhood, as one of its book club selections. It’ll be read by all seven groups, then the books become available to other book clubs around Ontario.  

Kathy’s book will also be read by the Ingleside Public Library’s book club, and she looks forward to meeting with the group of readers to discuss her book and future writing projects.

If your book club is planning to read Kathy’s book, and would like to have her come speak, please get in touch!