The Pointe Saint-Charles Historical Society


If you live- or have ever lived- in Point St. Charles, I’m hoping you might have some pictures of the old Vogue Theatre in the Point that you’d be willing to share with The Pointe Saint-Charles Historical Society for a “retrospective of Cinemas and theatres from 1898 to 1982.”

The Society’s finished project will include a booklet by journalist Pierre Pageau, an exhibition (posters and budget and research permitting, artifacts), a bus tour, an audio-guide as well as conferences). The committee is run by volunteers and they’re planning to launch the book and open the exhibition to the public by next September.


If anyone wants to help or get involved, here’s part of the email I received from Daniele Rohrbach: There were at least two theaters in the Pointe, the Vogue Cinéma  (707 rue Charlevoix) and the Centre Theater  (2334 Rue du Centre). We are still researching archives and it seems there may have been more ‘short lived’ theaters in the early 1900’s on Charlevoix. I’m wondering if anyone has any photos, information or anecdotes on these cinémas.”

They are especially interested in any exterior or interior photos of either theatre. Any information would be greatly appreciated. The contact email address for the project is:

The Historical Society’s website and Facebook page.

It sounds like a wonderful project and a fabulous non-profit organization. As a former Pointer, I know I want to help support them in any way I can! Please get in touch if you have any pictures or stories to share.

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