Book Launch of ‘With a Closed Fist’

Last Friday was the official book launch for With a Closed Fist at Saint Columba House in Point St. Charles. If you missed out, check out some photos of the event, courtesy of Andrew Waldie Porteus. More photos coming soon!

[portfolio_slideshow size=large]


Have some photos of the event or the Point you’d like to share? Send them in! Check out a clip of the launch below, courtesy of Terence Byrnes.


One Reply to “Book Launch of ‘With a Closed Fist’”

  1. I am a Waterloo guy, got your book at the local library. It is brilliant, bluntly honest and hilarious at the same time. You cant read the first page and put the book down. I have shared the book with a buddy and am saving it for my kids to read over Christmas. My daughter is in first year at Guelph, also has a talent for putting thoughts into words. I cant wait to see what she thinks of your book. Congrats!

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