Reviews: Punching and Kicking

“Always unflinching and honest, often dealing in uncomfortable topics, speaking from the perspective of a young girl and then a young woman, moving from high school to college. The narrative is told in a way that doesn’t hold back….”

Erin MacLeod, Montreal Review of Books

“In a place between the profound and the profane, lives a raw, unapologetic, and funny voice of Kathy Dobson. In an honest and harrowing account of poverty, she tells a powerful story of resilience of a girl turned woman.”

–Merlyna Lim, Canada Research Chair, Carleton University

“It is our early-years—our environment, experiences and relationships—that makes us who we are. The world needs more story-tellers and story-listeners like Kathy Dobson.”

–Gwen Phillips, BCFNDGI