Reviews: With a Closed Fist

“It reads like fiction… younger Kathy’s voice is strikingly believable: candid, scornful, funny”

-Montréal Review of Books (“Back to the Point“)

“… the humour never stops. Dobson has enormous talent, and we all must be thankful that she did beat the odds and find her way through the maze of deprivation and violence to speak her truths in such a creative and telling book.”

-The Globe & Mail (“Tough memoir mixes laughs with sadness“)

“It’s the Canadian Angela’s Ashes”

-Montréal Gazette

 “This is as authentic a description, language and all, of life in the Point during the 60s and 70s as it is possible to get. Poverty, hunger, love, abuse, ingenuity, survival, intelligence, language wars— they are all there; fierce optimism and laugh-out-loud humour carry the story along. That is the way it was. I know, I was there.”

-Nicolas Steinmetz, MD

 “a staff favourite here at the LPG [Literary Press Group]”

-Literary Press Group of Canada

“Top 30 books of 2011…#23. With a Closed Fist.” 

-The National Post (“The Best Books of 2011“)

“It’s definitely not a book you’d soon forget about”

-The Review (Niagara Falls). Click here for full review.

“Getting Back to the Point”

-Interview with Maisonneuve

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