“Author’s humour never stops”


2008-Review-NEW-LOGOThe Niagara Falls Review had a story about Kathy’s recent talk at the Niagara Falls public library book clubs’ Book Lover’s Literary Luncheon. 

“The humour never stops – it’s everywhere in the book. In person, Dobson is also funny, engaging and intelligent. We were so fortunate and honoured to have her speak at our literary lunch.”

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“With A Closed Fist” Chosen By Ontario Book Clubs!


The Niagara Falls Public Library book clubs selection committee has chosen Kathy’s book, With a Closed Fist: Growing up in Canada’s Toughest Neighbourhood, as one of its book club selections. It’ll be read by all seven groups, then the books become available to other book clubs around Ontario.  

Kathy’s book will also be read by the Ingleside Public Library’s book club, and she looks forward to meeting with the group of readers to discuss her book and future writing projects.

If your book club is planning to read Kathy’s book, and would like to have her come speak, please get in touch!